D.O. Album Release Party, Saturday May 23rd 2015

D.O. is back with another album dropping this spring. Catch him live this Saturday @ Studio Bar with guest appearances from D-Sisive, Illvibe and Robbie G. Plus, music will be provided by the one and only DJ Nana.

For more information check out the flyer below.

D.O. Album Release, May 23rd 2015 @ Studio Bar

“Never Gets Old” Video Premier

Check the new video by D.O. ft. Maestro “Never Gets Old” produced by Classified. For more videos, be sure to check out our YouTube channel.

Divo & GMJ – Soldier – Hip Hop

New video from the homie Divo produced by GMJ. Get more music from Divo on Bandcamp.

D.O. & Famous – I Live For This Pt. 2

Check the latest video from D.O. & Famous shot overseas in Singapore. (Production by StatikMusic)

Red Orbit – Connection Failed featuring Lukas Rossi (Lyric Video)

See the new video from Red Orbit “Connection Failed” featuring Lukas Rossi.

New Website from Poizunus

Beatboxer / producer Poizunus has released a new website to showcase his music. For instrumentals and the occasional beatbox drop, visit the links below.


New Music from Poizunus

Red Orbit – Discovery EP

Red Orbit just released their new EP “Discovery”. Listen to it on Soundcloud below:

Jahronomo Inc releases new single “Scorch The Earth”

Jahronomo Inc releases new single “Scorch the Earth” feat Mic Boogie, Jahrome Truman and DaBeatz

The Juno-Nominated production house of Jahronomo Inc has had enough. “Music has become too perfect” explains Diz Dallas who has been the heart and soul of the Jahronomo Inc sound for 10 years. We wanted to make something that had different elements in it. We wanted to revive the “Wu Tang” sound but with a different feel in terms of drums…and instruments.

The hate for “Perfection”
“Too many producers and engineers are seeking perfection…and the funny thing is, most of our favorite records are far from perfect”. Its obvious to the questioner that Diz is tired of pop music…but then he cuts me off: “Pop music hasn’t always been the same genre, its been blues, rock, disco, hiphop and now EDM” but the issues he has is the content and strive to be exact. “I wnated to make a record that had dirt still on it”

Mission Accomplished

With the vocal power from multi-talented vocalist Jahrome Truman and the surreal rap flows of fellow small town homie DaBeatz and the Shwa’s Finest Mic Boogie, Scorch the Earth melts the face right from the opening guitar chords through to the final chorus that rides out wild west style guns blazing.

This is…fire….this is…anger.

Pop perfection…watch your back.

“The Grit is Back”



New video from Red Orbit

We are excited to present the first video release from Red Orbit

“The Wars I Fight” feat Marcel Preston. Directed by Illvibe.


The Busy Brothers release debut EP

D.O. and Diz Dallas are The Busy Brothers.

Click on the album cover to download


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